Friday, July 27, 2012

Get 30000 Plus Backlinks

Get 30000 Plus Backlinks With SEO Fast Indexer

This is not a free product. It is a software you install on your PC, and use for unlimited domains. Before I tell you the price, let me tell you what it does.

What SEO Fast Indexer Does
  1. Auto pings each of your urls to 90+ rpc ping sites
  2. Auto meta submits to 30,000+ meta stat sites
  3. Auto pings each meta submit to 15 ping sites
What SEO Fast Indexer Is Used For
  • Get your urls indexed
  • Bring in extra traffic
SEO Fast Indexer

SEO Fast Indexer In 3 Steps

RPC Ping Services
SEO Fast Indexer answers the question," how can I get my links indexed in the search engines?". Pinging tells the search engines what new content is available on the your website. Websites that have big amounts of updates are crawled more frequently by the search engines. If you are using Wordpress, you can have a list of ping rpc sites that get pinged when you post content to your blog. Or you can use a free service like Pingoat to send your pings. With SEO Fast Indexer, you fire up the application, enter your keywords and url and it will ping away to 90 plus sites.

Meta Submissions
Meta indexing uses statistics sites to blast your links into the search sites at speed. In this post, How To Index A Website Fast, I show you a number of websites you can use to submit your new or existing sites to thousands of meta submission sites for free. With SEO Fast Indexer, you fire up the application, you can load and submit up to 31,000 sites.

Ping Meta URLs
SEO Fast Indexer will also auto ping your meta submissions to up to 15 sites. You can set the number of pings at various stages. This is just not possible to do manually, you need a software for this. With SEO Fast Indexer, the entire process is automated, so just push the button and go get a cup of coffee. It takes 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the number of sites you are submitting to. Best of all, it does not take up a lot of resources on your PC.

The Price Of SEO Fast Indexer

So what is the price for this software that gives your up to 31,000 backlinks? The price is less than $5.00 at this moment. It is a bargain and this is a program you own. Install it on your PC and use it for unlimited domains. Or offer it as a service and get paid.

For less than $5, take a look at it here - SEO Fast Indexer